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There are two configuration files:

  • main (acestream.conf)
  • user-defined (acestream_user.conf)

Engine reads configuration files on startup. First the main file is read, then engine reads user-defined file if it exists. Options in user-defined file overwrite the same options in the main file.

The reason to have two configuration files is because the auto-update system on Windows prevents main file from being modified. You can change the main file but if will be restored to the original state during the next auto-update.

On Windows files are located here:

  • main: %APPDATA%/ACEStream/engine/acestream.conf
  • user-defined: %APPDATA%/ACEStream/engine/acestream_user.conf

Engine does not check configuration files at runtime, there are only read on startup. So of you want to update configuration please follow these steps:

  • stop engine
  • update user-defined configuration file (create it if it doesn't exist)
  • start engine