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There are two configuration files:

  • main (acestream.conf)
  • user-defined (acestream_user.conf)

Engine reads configuration files on startup. First the main file is read, then engine reads user-defined file if it exists. Options in user-defined file overwrite the same options in the main file.

The reason to have two configuration files is because the auto-update system on Windows prevents main file from being modified. You can change the main file but if will be restored to the original state during the next auto-update.

On Windows files are located here:

  • main: %APPDATA%/ACEStream/engine/acestream.conf
  • user-defined: %APPDATA%/ACEStream/engine/acestream_user.conf

Alternatively, custom user configuration file can be loaded from elsewhere, by using "@" prefix to the file path in the command-line:

  • load custom "ace.conf" file from some directory: acestreamengine --client-console @/home/user/ace.conf

Works for both Linux and Windows versions.

Engine does not check configuration files at runtime, there are only read on startup. So of you want to update configuration please follow these steps:

  • stop engine
  • update user-defined configuration file (create it if it doesn't exist)
  • start engine