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ACE Stream Engine can work in a mode of a bittorrent tracker that allows using external tracker (not integrated into the source) without any need to install and configure additional software.

ACE Stream Engine linux-version starting from version 2.0.8 can work in tracker mode.

The following command is used to start the tracker:

acestreamengine --mode tracker

Parameters of tracker's start:

  • --port: port, on which the tracker will work (by default 8630)
  • --bind: ip-address of interface, on which the tracker will work (by default the tracker listens on all available interfaces). It is possible to specify multiple interfaces using multiple options --bind
  • --reannounce-interval: interval in seconds between announces from peers (by default 1800)
  • --peer-timeout: interval in seconds, after which a peer is deleted from a list of active peers, if any announce was not received from it (by default 2700)
  • --state-dir: directory for keeping temporary files (by default /tmp)
  • --pid-file-dir: directory, in which pid-file with the name will be created (by default /tmp)
Start the tracker on all available interfaces on the port 8877:
acestreamengine --mode tracker --port 8877

Start the tracker on a localhost on the port 8877:
acestreamengine --mode tracker --port 8877 --bind --reannounce-interval 300 --peer-timeout 450

The tracker works via HTTP protocol (UDP support will be included in future).

Announce URL of the tracker:


Some statistics about tracker's work can be seen here:


For example, if the tracker has been started from a server with the address on the port 8630, then announce URL will be the following: