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Multi Stream is a function that allows to combine several streams in one acelive-file. The main purpose of this function is to provide ability to organize a broadcast with several options for quality (bitrate), between which user can switch.

How does it work?

Let's suppose that there are two streams, which represent the same broadcast in different qualities (with different bitrates). First we have to start two sources as usual (one for each stream). As a result we'll get two acelive-files, for example, /tmp/stream_sd.acelive and /tmp/stream_hd.acelive.

To create multistream acelive-file we have to run the following command:

acestreamengine --create-transport-multi \
--name "SD" --path /tmp/stream_sd.acelive \
--name "HD" --path /tmp/stream_hd.acelive \
--out /tmp/stream_multi.acelive

As a result of this command a multistream file /tmp/stream_multi.acelive, which should be given to clients, will be created.


  • --name: stream's name
  • --path: path to acelive-file, which we have to add to the result file (http-links can be used)
  • --out: path to the result acelive-file with several streams (this file will be created as a result of command's work)

Parameters --name and --path must be passed in pairs. The command takes as many pairs of these parameters, as many streams have to be combined in one.

Parameter --name sets stream's name, which will be displayed in user's switch. Also a bitrate of the stream in Kbit/s will be automatically added to the switch.

Supported versions

Multi Stream function is available starting from version 2.0.8. Clients of older versions will not be able to recognize the file that contains several streams. Due to the above we recommend to perform version checking and display an appropriate message for unsupported versions on web pages where players are placed for playback of these files.