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  • Developer – Ace Stream user, who is registered as "application developer"
  • API client - user, who has an access to API
  • User key - user ID in Ace Stream system
  • Option - additional service / software service of Ace Stream, which can be activated for a specific user key
  • Application - developer's application, which works with Ace Stream system

Registration and getting a product key

Let's suppose that you have decided to create an application, which works with Ace Stream system (for example, a player). To do this you have to use Engine API, to access which you have to get a product key

To do this you have to:

  • register in Ace Stream system
  • in section «Partnership» press a button "Become a developer"
  • confirm your agreement with terms and press a button "Register"

After this a section "Developer", in which you can view and change API settings (API Key and API Secret), as well as manage your applications at subsection "Applications", will appear in the menu on the left.

To get the product key for a new application, you have to press a button "Register an application" and fill out appeared form. Please, provide as much information about your application in a field "Description", as you can, because it will speed up a procedure for issuing the product key.

After registering the application you will see it in a list of applications with a status "Not confirmed". After we check your application, you will get a letter with the product key, the status in the list of applications will be changed to "Confirmed" and public part of the product key will appear. Full product key does not appear in the list of applications for safety reasons.

What is API

API for developers allows them to activate different options for users of their applications.

How to get an access to API

When Ace Stream user receives status "product developer", he becomes API client automatically and he is provided with the access to API in the form of two identifiers:

  • API key - string, used for user's ID in API requests
  • API secret - secret key, used for a digital signature of API requests

You can change reseller's secret key by yourself in admin-panel.

Activation of options for user

To activate an option for user you have to call API method activateService and give him the following parameters:

  • API key
  • public part of the product key
  • user key
  • option ID
  • ID of a period, on which you want to activate the option

If the request was completed successfully, a certain amount will be charged from developer's balance, and the user will have the option activated for a specified period.

If user has this option activated already, validity of the option will continue for a specified period.

As you can see in the description, to activate the option the developer has to know user key. This key can be received useing API method createUserKey. User key created using this method has to be added to the enging using method of service engine API load_extension